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agency for complex B2B industries 

We get you. And we’ll make sure your clients do, too.

B2B industries are complex. Your message doesn’t have to be.

What’s the point of being smart if nobody understands what you have to say? We help complex businesses and professional services firms generate leads and build awareness through advanced content marketing and public relations.

Nowadays, the media is the news. With a president who calls the media “fake news” and an overwhelming supply of competing content online, the news industry has been...Read more +
Marketers… if you had to describe your most important role in one or two words, what would you say? My gut tells me that many would say “promotion,” “brand...Read more +
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Reputation Ink principal & president quoted in Legal Marketing Association article

Michelle Calcote King discusses content marketing for law firms in the latest issue of Strategies magazine.

Reputation Ink media strategy for client Lightfoot, Franklin & White wins 2018 national LMA ‘Your Honor’ Award

Reputation Ink's PR campaign for legal client secured national media coverage surrounding the Alabama Governor resignation scandal and Trump-Russia investigation.